Kiki Rivera – Headshots

Professional Portraits and Headshots

Kiki, a.k.a. Kiana Rivera found my studio on yelp and her goal was to get a nice set of pictures she could use for her promotion. Her goal was to get a set of pictures that would go a bit deeper and capture her spirit.

Kiki is a multitalented individual working on several projects at the moment. We talked mostly about her play writing stint and the rehearsals of her show Fa’alavelave: The Interruption.

This was one of the most fun and creative afternoons I had during my short time here on Oahu. We started in the Manoa Valley, photographed in Waikiki and concluded at the satellite UH campus near Kaka’ako Waterfront Park. The level of Kiki’s connection, concentration, and creative cooperation was beyond amazing.

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